Charming Life
Abstammung:‘Karuna’ × unknownBeschreibung:Inside of tepals opening purplish pink with narrow white margins, ageing to light greenish yellow (3D) with a strong purplish pink (62A) patch at the tip; throat strong yellow-green (143C). Outside of outer tepals opening purplish pink, strong yellow-green (143C) at base and as spot at tip when midrib indistinct, ageing to yellowish grey (156C); midribs (when showing) very narrow, purplish pink shading to strong yellow-green (143C) at top. Outside of inner tepals strong purplish pink (62A), darker alongside midribs, shading towards margins to yellowish grey (156C) background behind heavy spotting, and strong yellow-green (143C) at base; midribs prominent, strong yellow-green (143C) at base, yellowish grey (156C) above, increasingly flushed strong yellow-green (143C) towards tip. Spots numerous, strong purplish pink (62A), variable in size and shape (some elongated) but mostly small, inside over all but base and tip-patch, outside largely restricted to margins of inner tepals; papillae absent; nectaries strong yellow-green (143C), with long furrows extending up to two-thirds of midvein; pollen orange; ovaries brigh green; style plum-purple; stigma light greenish grey (188B) flushed purple. Fls 55–65mm wide, slightly to strongly scented; tepals 30–35 × 15–18mm, margins smooth, tips slightly recurved; pedicels strong yellow-green (143C) with a few purplish pink spots towards top. Lvs 130–160 × 55mm, whorled. Stems 1.1m, green, with up to 15 fls. Mid- to late June.