Abstammung:Unknown x Tango NocturnoBeschreibung:Tepals greenish cream towards tips; throat pale greenish yellow; midribs beige. Spots dark mahogany-brown, very numerous, closely arranged and coalescing in places over lower two-thirds of each tepal, becoming progressively more scattered and solitary towards tips; nectaries pale violet, frosted; pollen and stigma brown. Fls 120mm wide; tepals 70 × 26mm, margins slightly ruffled, tips recurved; pedicels 45mm, slender, spotted brown. Lvs 80 × 8mm, dull, pale green. Stems 0.85m, green; infl. short. Early July. It is not possible to register this cultivar epithet as it is in use already for another lily (ICNCP, 2004: Art. 27.1)Züchter:KruminsBezug:Salzborn: 2013,2015,2016; Mathys: 2015; ELG: 2018,2019,2021; Bucher