Großer Wannsee (FE 82-261)
Abstammung:Diskus × Connecticut Beauty MEDAILLONBeschreibung:Tepals strong orange; inside 25A, throat 25B; outside 26A. Spots moderately numerous and moderately large (1 × 2mm), oval, dark purple, well spread over basal half of each tepal; papillae absent; nectaries silvery; pollen orange; stigma strong reddish orange (169A). Fls 160mm wide, slightly scented; tepals 85 × 52mm, margins smooth, tips straight. Lvs 120 × 15mm, scattered, deep yellowish green (141B). Stems 1m, green with brownish markings, with up to 6 fls in an umbellate infl. July. Named after the lake in Berlin.Züchter:Dr. Jörg M. GiffeiBezug:Salzborn: 2005,2011,2013,2014,2015;