Lemgo Group
Abstammung:Yellow-flowered Trumpet x (Black Beauty x (auratum x henryi))Beschreibung:Inside deep crimson, tepal-margins and tips pale beige-apricot; outside beige, midribs green with mahogany speckles; spots dash-like, raised, dark crimson, on a third of each tepal; nectaries deep yellow-green; pollen chocolate-brown; stigma violet-red. Fls 155 mm wide; tepals 140 x 42 mm, strongly reflexed, margins ruffled; pedicels 120 mm, strongly spotted. Lvs scattered, 85 x 18 mm, slightly glossy dark green. Stems 1.15 m, moderately thick, strongly brown-speckled. Mid July. (Orienpet (OT) lilies.)Bezug: ELG: 2019;