Pearl White
Beschreibung:Tepals mainly ivory-white; inside olive-green beside base, and pale yellow around top, of nectaries; outside tinged purple beside midribs (at least when young), midribs tinged green and/or purple. Brushmarks very faint pale yellow; spots and papillae absent; nectaries green, closed, ridges slightly white-frosted; filaments greenish white; pollen bright orange; stigma purple. Fls stellate; tepals overlapping one-quarter, of narrow (outer tepals) to medium (inner) width, margins smooth or very slightly ruffled, tips slightly recurved; pedicels long but strong. Stems 1.2 m, green with darker markings, with up to 10 or more fls. Mid-season. Tetraploid.Züchter:GriesbachBezug: Wistuba: 2017,2018,2019,2020,2021; ELG: 2020;