Red Dutch
Abstammung:Unnamed seedling x unnamed seedlingBeschreibung:Inside close to deep red (183A/185A), shading to a broad band of brilliant to light yellow (11A/B) and with some brilliant yellow (20A) at edge, throat pale yellow (11C); outside deep to moderate red (185A/B) on a light yellow (10C) ground, edges mainly yellow, midveins strong yellow-green (144C) at base; no spots but up to c.1/2 of petal with papillae (mainly in throat); nectaries strong yellow-green (144A), surrounded by vivid orange-yellow (21A); pollen moderate reddish brown (166B); stigma moderate yellow-green (146C/D). Fls 210-250mm wide; petals 110-115 x 45-60mm, hardly ruffled, tips recurved. Lvs alternate, 130-140 x 25-35mm. Stems 1.0-1.15m, green, with a little darker marking and relatively few fls.Bezug:Salzborn: 2003,2004,2005,2006,2014,2015; Strasser: 2010,2015,2019; Mathys: 2011; Wistuba: 2015;