Abstammung:Parentage known but not disclosed by registrantBeschreibung:Inside of tepals vivid reddish orange (30B), with large, dark red (187B) patch (with feathered margins) above nectaries and faint 187B spotting towards tips; throat strong orange-yellow (24B). Outside of outer tepals brilliant orange (25C), shading to vivid yellowish orange (30C) towards margins; midribs strong yellow-green at base (143A) and top (143C). Outside of inner tepals light orange-yellow (25D), shading to vivid reddish orange (30A) towards margins; midribs strong yellow-green (143A) at base. Spots few, dark red (187A), moderately large, oblong, in throat; papillae absent; nectaries strong yellow-green (143A); pollen strong reddish orange (169A); stigma moderate purplish red (58A). Fls 145mm wide; tepals 85 x 35mm, margins smooth, tips slightly recurved. Lvs 93 x 10mm. Stems 1.4m, green, with up to 13 fls. Published in KAVB Registraties 2012: 11 (2013)Bezug:Salzborn: 2012,2013,2014; Strasser: 2015,2019; Wistuba: 2014,2015; ELG: 2019; Bucher