Abstammung:Thomas seedling 4 XTetra AristoBeschreibung:Inside apricot-orange, darker around nectaries, base of throat paler; outside pale orange, midribs pale yellow-green; spots many, large, dark brown-crimson, over half of each petal, papillae in throat; nectaries white-granulated; pollen red-brown; stigma pink-brown. Fls 130 mm wide; petals 90 x 45 mm, margins slightly waved, tips scarcely recurved (the outer more so); pedicels 60 mm long, thick, profusely brown-dotted. Lvs alternate, 145 x 21 mm, dull dark green. Stems 0.85 m, very thick, profusely brown-dotted. Mid July.Bezug:Salzborn: 2008,2009,2011;