Belo Horizonte
Abstammung:(Seedling × Tango Nocturno) × (Harmony seedling × Connecticut King)Beschreibung:Inside of tepals brilliant yellow (7A); throat light greenish yellow (1C). Outside of outer tepals light greenish yellow (4B); margins brilliant greenish yellow (6A) with dark red (59A) spots; midribs flushed moderate reddish orange (178D), strong yellow-green (143C) at base and 143A at top, sometimes strong greenish yellow (151C). Outside of inner tepals light greenish yellow (4B) shading to brilliant greenish yellow (5B) towards margins, margins with dark red (59A) spots; midribs dark reddish orange (178B) at base shading to strong yellow-green (143A) at top. Spots numerous, large and small, dark red (59A); papillae brilliant yellow (7A); nectaries strong yellow-green (143A); pollen greyish red (178A); stigma moderate purplish red (58A). Fls 195 mm wide; tepals 104 × 56 mm, margins smooth, tips slightly recurved. Lvs 150 × 23 mm. Stems 0.84 m, green with darker markings, with c.5 fls.Bezug: Mathys: 2011,2015; Wistuba: 2014;