Abstammung:L. henryi × a mixture of pollen from Oneida, Lady Jane and L. × kewense White HenryiBeschreibung:Inside of tepals yellowish white (155D) with light yellowish pink (159A) central flare along and beside midvein in basal third. Outside of tepals white with mid-green midribs. Spots small, raised, of irregular shape, a few of the uppermost markings dashes, not raised, all reddish crimson, closely and evenly distributed on lower third of each tepal, mostly between the central flare and margins; papillae brilliant greenish yellow (6A); nectaries large, dark green, deep in throat; filaments yellowish white, very long; stamens large; pollen moderate reddish brown (175A); style almost as long as stamens; style and stigma pale yellowish green. Fls 80 mm wide, slightly scented; tepals 75 × 22 mm, margins smooth, tips strongly recurved. Lvs 130 × 30 mm, scattered. Stems 1.25 m, mid-green with reddish light marbling, with up to 15 fls. Mid- to late July (Germany). Named after the city which hosted an international lily exhibition in 2007.Züchter:Gerhard Steinbrück