Erich Saling (08-T05-3)
Abstammung:Lippestern × Thomas's GiantBeschreibung:Inside of tepals predominantly yellowish grey (156B), with prominent, triangular, vivid yellow (16A) flare from throat to midway up each tepal. Outside of outer tepals predominantly moderate olive-brown (199A) [sometimes tinged red-purple], white towards margins; outside of inner tepals predominantly white; midribs green. Spots absent; papillae small, vivid orange (28B); nectaries dark red (187A) in centre, edged dark green, open; filaments creamy; pollen moderate brown (200C); stigma pale purple. Fls 140 mm wide, not scented; tepals 110 × 35 mm, margins smooth to slightly ruffled, tips slightly to strongly recurved; some secondary buds present. Lvs 140 × 15 mm, scattered, dark yellowish green (139A). Stems 1.4 m, green with brown spots, with up to 12 fls in open racemes. July. Named in honour of the noted German obstetrician (and Dr Giffei’s teacher) on his 90th birthdayZüchter:Dr. Jörg M. GiffeiBezug: ELG: 2020;