Abstammung:Seedling PJ 96-08 × seedling RH 97-07Beschreibung:Inside of inner tepals pale orange-yellow (23D) in upper half, light orange-yellow (23C) in basal half; midveins vivid yellow (15A) in basal half from above nectaries; throat pale orange-yellow (24D). Inside of outer tepals brilliant orange (25C), shading to light orange-yellow (23C) towards margins; midveins strong orange-yellow (17A) above nectaries. Outside of outer tepals light yellow (18B); midribs strong yellow-green at base (144A) and top (143B), strong yellow (N144B) between. Outside of inner tepals light orange-yellow (22D), shading to pale yellow (19C) beside midribs; midribs strong yellow-green (144A) at base, shading to brilliant yellow-green (150C). Spots absent; papillae vivid reddish orange (30B); nectaries strong yellow-green (144B); pollen strong reddish orange (169A); stigma pale green (189B). Fls 230mm wide, scented; tepals 135 × 65mm, margins ruffled, tips recurved. Lvs 220 × 30mm. Stems 1.3–1.5m, dark green, with up to 5 fls.Bezug:Salzborn: 2007,2009,2010,2011,2012,2014,2015,2017; Mathys: 2011; Wistuba: 2014,2015,2016;