Evas Traum
Abstammung:Feuer und Rauch x OpheliaBeschreibung:Tepals moderate red (181A); midveins pale yellow (158B); throat flushed salmon pink. Spots fairly numerous, tiny, brown, evenly scattered, mostly over lower half of each tepal; papillae sparse, pinkish white; nectaries soft pink, becoming white with age; filaments long, slender, tinged pale rose-pink towards large anthers, pollen strong reddish orange (169A); stigma beige. Fls 140 mm wide; tepals 70 x 42 mm, margins smooth, tips recurved; pedicels dark. Lvs scattered, 92 x 16 mm. Stems 0.9 m, light green, but shiny red-orange where pedicels join the stem, with 9-10 fls. Mid- to late July. Nomenclatural standard: colour print supplied by registrant (WSY 0100433). The name means "Eva's Dream" in German. Eva is the first name of the hybridizer.Bezug:Salzborn: 2006,2007;