Foggy Morning
Abstammung:Lake Tulare x Oliver WyattBeschreibung:Inside light yellow (12C) with brilliant orange-yellow (23B) along middle of each petal, throat strong yellow-green (144B); outside brilliant yellow (12B) to light yellowish pink (29C); fine spots of moderate purplish red (59C) in centre of flower; nectaries strong yellow-green (144B); pollen dark reddish orange (175B); stigma moderate purplish red (59C) mixed with strong yellow-green (144C). Fls 80mm wide; petals 75 x 20mm, not ruffled, strongly reflexed. Lvs whorled, 140 x 18mm, mid green. Stems 1.6m, green, with c9 fls. Late June. (Standard: colour print provided by registrant (WSY 0022858); name derives from the fls looking like Oliver Wyatt seen through a fog.)Züchter:Norgart MartschinkeBezug:Salzborn: 2007,2014; ELG: 2019;