Forever Marjolein
Abstammung:Parentage unknownBeschreibung:Inside of tepals vivid orange-yellow (23A), shading to strong orange (N25A) towards margins; upper half with large central patch of moderate pink (nearest to 51D); throat vivid reddish orange (N30B). Outside of outer tepals strong yellowish pink (32D), shading to strong orange (N25A) towards margins; midribs moderate yellowish green (137D) at base. Outside of inner tepals strong orange (26A), strong reddish orange (34C) beside midribs; midribs strong yellow-green (143B). Spots absent; papillae vivid reddish orange (N30B); nectaries moderate olive-green (137B); pollen strong brown (172A); stigma vivid reddish orange (34B). Buds slightly hairy. Fls 140mm wide; tepals 85 × 45mm, margins smooth, tips slightly recurved. Lvs 120 × 23mm, green with a little darker colouring, upper leaves slightly hairy. Stems 0.85m, green with darker spots, with up to 17 fls. Bred in the USA.Bezug: Mathys: 2011; Wistuba: 2014,2015,2017,2018,2019,2020;