Abstammung:(Unnamed white tetraploid x (Milano x Puchanta))Beschreibung:Inside pink, tips salmon pink, centre apricot with pink veining; moderately numerous, small spots over 2/5 of each petal and papillae in the throat; outside pastel pink, with pale brown midveins; nectaries white granulated; pollen red-brown; stigma beige. Fls 150mm wide; petals 100 x 48mm, not recurved, not ruffled; pedicels 60mm long, very thick, strongly spotted dark brown, hairy. Lvs alternate, 130 x 19mm, dark green. Stems 0.9m, very thick, with pronounced dark brown speckling and a short inflorescence. Tetraploid. Mid June.Bezug:Salzborn: 2003,2005,2007,2009,2010,2011;