Frosty PP (84-100-1)
Abstammung:Pink Perfection Group x GlockenspielBeschreibung:Inside of tepals moderate purplish pink (78D), bright golden yellow beside midveins in basal third; becoming paler with age, though margins remaining dark; midveins green in basal third; throat light greenish yellow (1C). Outside of tepals light purple (80C). Spots and papillae absent; filaments greenish white; pollen deep orange-yellow (163A); style reddish pink; stigma dark red (183B). Buds reddish pink. Fls 110mm wide, slightly scented; tepals 130 × 55mm, margins smooth, tips becoming strongly recurved; pedicels long, slender, pinkish red at first. Lvs scattered, 130 × 10mm. Stems 1.8m, moderate olive-green (147A), slightly spotted purple, with up to 12 fls. Late July. Fls unscathed by late frosts. Published in Europäische Liliengesellschaft Lilien-Info No.2: 20 (2002); picture p.21. Named "Frosty" from its resistance to late frosts; "PP" refers to its Pink Perfection parentage.Züchter:Dr. Jörg M. Giffei