Havelgold (84-78-2)
Abstammung:Festival x (Ralph × Häuptling Winnetou)Beschreibung:Inside of tepals vivid yellow (14B) in basal half and heavily flushed strong orange (169B) towards tips; throat moderate red (180A). Outside of tepals strong orange (169B). Brushmarks a few, thin lines of moderate red (180A) in basal third of each tepal or on some tepals forming broken mottling, even a small triangle, above the area of spots; spots variable in size, tiny and round to fairly large and elliptic, dark purple, sparsely but fairly evenly scattered in an arc in basal third of each tepal; papillae absent; filaments red; pollen strong red (46A); style red; stigma brilliant yellow (13C). Fls 140mm wide, not scented; tepals 80 × 30mm, margins smooth, tips straight; pedicels long, violet. Lvs scattered, 140 × 15mm, moderate olive-green (137A). Stems 1.3m, dark, with up to 15 fls. July. Published in Europäische Liliengesellschaft Lilien-Info No.2 (1994) The Havel river passes through Berlin, near which the hybridizer lived at the time he made this cross.Züchter:Dr. Jörg M. GiffeiBezug:Salzborn: 2005,2006,2011,2012;