Havelsonne (86-57-3)
Abstammung:Obrist x FrankenleuchteBeschreibung:Tepals, including throat, brilliant yellow (15C); inside with a very narrow, dark maroon, picotee margin in basal quarter. Spots sparse but conspicuous, fairly large, round to elliptic, dark purple, scattered over the basal quarter of each tepal; papillae absent; nectaries orange; filaments flesh-coloured to orange; pollen vivid orange (28B); style greenish yellow; stigma moderate red (180C). Fls 80mm wide, not scented; tepals 80 × 30mm, margins smooth, tips strongly recurved; with secondary buds. Lvs scattered, 110 × 16mm, moderate olive-green (137B). Stems 1.3m, 137B, pubescent, with bulbils, with up to 15 fls. July. Published in Europäische Liliengesellschaft Lilien-Info No.2: 24 (2001); picture p.25 The Havel river passes through Berlin, near which the hybridizer lived at the time he made this cross.Züchter:Dr. Jörg M. GiffeiBezug:Salzborn: 2004,2005,2006,2007,2010,2011,2012,2014;