Abstammung:((Bold Knight x (Tetra Tabasco x Tetra Enchantment)) x (Hornbacks Gold x Tetra Mountaineer'))Beschreibung:Inside dark crimson red, tips more orange, outside paler with ribs brown ochre and brown, hairy; numerous, small, black spots over four fifths of each petal; nectaries shiny bordered; pollen chocolate; stigma black-brown. Fls 115mm wide; petals 80 x 42mm, moderately recurved, slightly wavy-edged, thick. Pedicels 75mm long, thick, dark brown, hairy, with secondary buds. Lvs alternate, 75 x 30mm, dark green, dull. Stems 0.9m, thick, hairy at base of leaves, black- brown, glossy, with a short inflorescence. Early July. Tetraploid.Bezug:Salzborn: 2000,2003,2011;