Kerstin (04-02-1)
Abstammung:Unregistered seedling Indianersonne × GiraffeBeschreibung:Inside of tepals vivid red (45A); throat vivid reddish orange (34A). Outside of tepals strong red (46A). Spots numerous, moderately small ellipses or circles, dark greyish reddish brown (200A), widely spread and conspicuous across basal half of each tepal; papillae few, small, pinkish red, frosted; nectaries dark greyish reddish brown (200A); filaments vivid red (45A); pollen strong orange (169B); stigma moderate red (185B). Fls 130 mm wide, not scented; tepals 100 × 23[outer]-33[inner] mm, margins slightly ruffled, tips slightly to strongly recurved; secondary and tertiary buds present. Lvs 120 × 30 mm, scattered, moderate olive-green (137B). Stems 1 m, green heavily spotted dark brown, with up to 25 fls. June-July. Named after the registrant’s daughterZüchter:Dr. Jörg M. GiffeiBezug: ELG: 2019;