Lippestern (97-06-1)
Abstammung:L. × aurelianense Hesara × Frosty PPBeschreibung:Inside of tepals with broad, strong orange-yellow (22A) patch in basal one third, feathering into pale orange-yellow (19D) towards tips; midveins prominent and double, green at base, shading to 22A, then 19D at top; throat moderate olive-green (137A). Outside of tepals pale orange-yellow (19D), flushed moderate purplish pink (186D) beside midribs and increasingly towards base; midribs reddish purple. Spots and papillae absent; nectaries in moderate olive-green (137A) star; pollen moderate orange-yellow (165C); stigma moderate reddish brown (177A). Fls 160mm wide, (strongly) scented; tepals 105 × 40mm (inner), 105 × 25mm (outer), margins smooth, tips straight or (very) slightly recurved; secondary buds present. Lvs 110 × 25mm, scattered, dark yellowish green (136B). Stems 1.7m, moderate yellowish green (138A), with up to 15 fls in racemose infl. July. The Lippe is a river in Datteln, Germany; "stern" means "star" in German.Züchter:Dr. Jörg M. Giffei