Milden Red Ball
Abstammung:Derived from seedlings of Bellingham GroupBeschreibung:Inside vivid reddish orange (42A), throat vivid orange-yellow (23A); spots large, red (187A), on the orange-yellow ground (when spots extend beyond this area they are surrounded by an orange-yellow halo); nectaries moderate green (135B); pollen strong orange (25B); stigma dark red (187A). Fls 65 mm wide; petals 95-100 x 20- 25 mm, margins smooth, tips strongly recurved giving the fl a ball-shape. Lvs whorled, 140 x 45 mm. Stems 1.8 m (in the open), strong yellow-green (145A), with some dark red (187A) spots, and up to 20 fls. Late June. (Etymology: see Milden Orange. Published in ELG: sales list, 2001. Nomenclatural standard: colour print provided by registrant (WSY 0037445).)Züchter:Holger KühneBezug:Salzborn: 2001,2002,2003,2004,2007,2010,2011; Strasser: 2010;