Monja (98-01-3)
Abstammung:Peachwood seedling derived from open-pollinated × dalhansonii Paisley GroupBeschreibung:Inside of tepals strong purplish pink (63C)in upper half; basal half predominantly white as defined by distribution of spots, each being enclosed by a broad margin of white, these margins coalescing with a flare of warm, yellowish orange along and beside midveins; throat yellowish white (155D). Outside of tepals light purplish pink (62C). Spots mostly small to medium-sized, roundish, dark purple (79B), mainly along margins and over flare in basal half of each tepal, sometimes coalescing to form larger spots over flare; papillae absent; nectaries brilliant yellow (13C); filaments whitish; pollen moderate reddish brown (166B); style pale green; stigma greyed orange. Buds soft, greyish pink. Fls 70mm wide, not scented; tepals 75 × 17mm, margins smooth, tips strongly recurved; pedicels very long and slender, pale green, tinged greyed mauve towards base of fl. Lvs whorled or scattered, 170 × 20mm. Stems 1.8m, moderate olive-green (137B), with up to 20 fls. July. Published in Europäische Liliengesellschaft Lilien-Info No.1, (2004) External images: Steinbrück (2006): 123 A female first name in Germany.Züchter:Dr. Jörg M. Giffei