Abstammung:Pohls Weinrote X mixed pollen from seedling St. 33/1/88 and a yellow-flowered Asiatic seedling with red brushmarksBeschreibung:Inside moderate orange-yellow (168D), throat somewhat darker; outside soft pink and yellow; spots many, medium sized, dark purple, on the lower half of each petal, those along centre of petal more linear; nectaries white, tinged with soft pink, running into black at top; pollen greyish brown (166A); stigma brownish orange. Fls 140 mm wide, slightly scented; petals 70 x 15 mm, margins slightly ruffled, tips slightly recurved. Lvs alternate, 70 x 15. Stems 0.75 m, dark green marbled violet, with c.8 fls. Late June to early July.Bezug:Salzborn: 2004,2005,2006;