Abstammung:Rubinstern x DarjaBeschreibung:Inside brilliant yellow (7A); outside brilliant yellow (7A), with soft pink midribs; many, large, dark red (187A) spots on more than 3/4 of each petal and pale papillae all across base of each petal; nectaries white (155B), hoary; pollen brownish orange (171B), on long, slightly reflexed filaments; stigma light yellowish pink (36A) on a long, yellow style. Fls 140mm wide; petals 80 x 41mm, not ruffled, tips strongly reflexed. Lvs alternate, 90 x 17mm. Stems 1.1m, red-brown (like the pedicels), with 7-10 fls. Mid July. (Standard: colour print provided by registrant (WSY 0032271). Etymology: named for the town of Trinidad in Cuba.)Bezug:Salzborn: 2004;