Wiener Walzer
Abstammung:Feldmaier Asiatic seedling Fe 4 X Neumann Asiatic seedling NN C7.44Beschreibung:Inside moderate reddish orange (178C) shading to moderate purplish pink (54D) at tips; outside deep purplish pink (58D), with strongly developed pale orange-beige midribs; spots few, tiny, dark brown, at the base of each petal; nectaries pale pink, continued at apex into soft orange strips; filaments soft pink; pollen dark reddish orange (173A); style soft pink; stigma dark red (59A). Fls 120 mm wide; petals 70 x 35 mm, margins slightly waved, tips strongly recurved; pedicels long, dark. Lvs alternate, 90 x 13 mm. Stems 0.7 m, black-violet, with c.8 fls. Early July. (Published in ELG: sales list, 2000. Nomenclatural standard: colour print provided by registrant (WSY 0038748).)Bezug:Salzborn: 2000,2001,2004,2005,2006,2007;