Zitronenfalter (07-G621-4)
Abstammung:(Bel Air [Div. VI, of Geiser] [see below] × ML’s Indian Summer [VIII OT]) × Thomas’s GiantBeschreibung:Inside of tepals vivid yellow (9B); throat moderate yellow-green (146C). Outside of tepals brilliant yellow (10A); midribs green. Spots and papillae absent; nectaries moderate yellow-green (146C); filaments greenish white; pollen moderate reddish brown (177A); stigma moderate olive-green (137B). Fls 240 mm wide, slightly scented; tepals 140 × 30[outer]-50[inner] mm, margins smooth to slightly ruffled, tips slightly recurved, making broadly bowl-shaped fls. Lvs 170 × 20 mm, scattered, moderate olive-green (137A). Stems 1.4 m, green densely mottled purple, with up to 8 fls. July. Epithet is German for the brimstone butterfly, Gonepteryx rhamniZüchter:Dr. Jörg M. Giffei