Andreas Winkler († 2015)

Abstammung:Roter Kandelaber x MargaBeschreibung:Inside strong purplish red (60D), with a light green throat, outside strong purplish red (60C); very small, deep red (60A) spots on the inner half of each petal; nectaries frosted; pollen moderate reddish orange (171A). Petals 105 x 35mm, not ruffled, slighty recurved. Lvs alternate, 120 x 25mm, dark green. Stems 1.25m, rather dark green, with c10 fls. Early July.Züchter:Andreas WinklerBezug:Salzborn: 1994,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2007,2012,2013,2015,2016,2017; Strasser: 2010; Wistuba: 2016,2017; ELG: 2018,2019,2021;
Bavarian Bells
Züchter:Andreas Winkler
Abstammung:L. cernuum hybridBeschreibung:Burgundy red, with a yellow stripe on each petal. Stems 1.0m. Late June.
Abstammung:Pirate x Connecticut KingBeschreibung:Bicolor: inside with throat vivid reddish orange (34B), midsection of each petal brilliant orange-yellow (21 B), tips vivid reddish orange (34B) narrowly edged brilliant orange-yellow (21 B); a few greyish red (178A) spots; outside vivid reddish orange (34B); pollen strong reddish orange (169A). Fls 115mm wide; petals 80-85 x 33-35mm, not or very slightly waved, tips slightly recurved. Lvs alternate, 70 x 11mm, dark green. Stems 75cm, almost black, with c.10 fls. Late June.
Abstammung:Lancifolium hybrid x Red TigerBeschreibung:Inside brick red, with dark spots. Stems to 1.3m, dark, with up to 15 fls and many bulbils. Late July.
Abstammung:UnknownBeschreibung:Vivid yellow (15A), with small spots. Lvs dark. Stems 1.0m, with a long inflorescence. Late July.
Abstammung:Pirate x Connecticut KingBeschreibung:Inside vivid yellow (12A), with white-green nectaries, unspotted; outside vivid yellow (9A). Petals 80 x 37mm, not ruffled, tips slightly recurved. Lvs alternate, 118 x l5mm, dark green. Stems 1.0m, rather dark green, with c.6 fls. June-July.
Abstammung:L. tigrinum hybrid x Connecticut KingBeschreibung:Strong reddish orange (Orange-Red 32B), tips orange, throat yellow-orange, outside greenish orange; some dark brown spots in centre; pollen brown. Petals 65 x 25mm, not ruffled, slightly recurved. Lvs alternate, 70 x 15mm, dark green. Stems 1.2m, dark brown, with c15 fls. Early July. Syn. Orangenleuchte.
Züchter:Andreas WinklerBezug:Salzborn: 2005,2009,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016; Mathys: 2011; Wistuba: 2014,2015; ELG: 2018,2020,2021; Kühne
Gelber Goliath
Abstammung:Unknown x Sutter's Gold GroupBeschreibung:Inside golden yellow, strongly spotted. Stems 0.7m. Late July.
Abstammung:UnknownBeschreibung:Ochre brown. Stems 1.1m. Mid-July.Bezug:Salzborn: 1994;
Abstammung:(Hawaian Punch x Connecticut King) x SchneewittchenBeschreibung:Strong pink (49A) inside, greenish white outside; unspotted; nectaries white; pollen strong orange (169B). Petals 80 x 40mm, not ruffled, slightly recurved. Lvs alternate, 80 x 20mm, pale green. Stems 0.65m, pale green, with c10 fls. Late June.
Miss Rosa
Abstammung:UnknownBeschreibung:Pale old rose, throat deeper, centre with a yellow tongue; outside whitish rose with yellowish ribs; sparse, small spots over one sixth of each petal; nectaries white-frosted; pollen ochre. Fls 115mm wide, bowl-shaped; petals 70 x 31 mm, moderately recurved. Lvs 90 x 12mm, light green, dull. Stems 0.75m, light green, with a short raceme. Early July. (Unacceptable name: contrary to Art. 17.13 of Cultivated Plant Code in incorporating the name of another genus (Rosa) as the final element of the epithet.)
Roter Kalif
Züchter:Andreas WinklerBezug:Salzborn: 2013,2014,2015,2016,2017; Mathys: 2011; Wistuba: 2014,2015,2016; ELG: 2018;
Schloss Atzelsberg
Abstammung:Earl of Rochester x DestinyBeschreibung:Light orange-yellow (Yellow-Orange 16B), outside greenish yellow; some brownish spots in throat; pollen brown. Petals 60 x 25mm, not ruffled, slightly recurved. Lvs alternate, 60 x 15mm, pale green. Stems 0.8m, green, with up to 40 fls. Early July.
Abstammung:Sutter's Gold g. x Hallmark GroupBeschreibung:Inside greenish white, outside light green; very few spots; pollen strong orange (169B). Petals 60 x 40mm, not ruffled, tips not recurved, but one petal bending back less than the others. Lvs alternate, 60 x 20mm, dark green. Stems 0.7m, dark green, with c5 fls. Early July.