Hybriden nach Alphabet - J

Abstammung:Unnamed seedling x unnamed seedlingBeschreibung:Inside yellowish white (155B), with a brilliant yellow (9C) midvein and light purplish pink (62C) edging fading towards the apex, throat yellowish white (155B), tips near light purplish pink (62C); outside yellowish white (155B), apical part of midvein brilliant yellow (11A), with moderate purplish pink (62B) along midvein below, tipped strong yellow-green (144B); nectaries strong yellow-green (144B); spots variable (none to many); papillae brilliant yellow (7A), on lower part of each petal; pollen moderate reddish orange (171A); stigma deep purple (79C). Fls 210mm wide; petals 120 x 40mm, apical margins ruffled, tips slightly recurved. Lvs alternate, 190 x 43mm, mid green. Stems 1.0m, pale green, with darker markings and c.6 fls.Bezug:Salzborn: 1999,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2007;
Janis (01-23-2)
Abstammung:Indianersonne x Orange Kandelaber-TangoBeschreibung:Inside of tepals moderate red (181A), flushed brilliant yellow (20A) in an arc mid-tepal at the top of and above the spotting; throat dark red (187B). Outside of tepals moderate red; tips green. Spots numerous, variable in shape, most coalescing to form short dashes, dark red (187B), densely and evenly distributed over up to one-half of basal portion of each tepal; papillae rich reddish pink tipped rosy white, either side of nectaries; nectaries conspicuous, long, linear, silvered pale mauve-pink; filaments red; pollen moderate reddish orange (171A); style red; stigma dark purple. Fls 150mm wide, not scented; tepals 85 × 40mm, margins smooth, tips straight or (very) slightly recurved; pedicels 150mm long, dull olive green; with secondary buds. Lvs scattered, 110 × 20mm, dark yellowish green (139A). Stems 1.4m, 139A, with up to 20 fls in a long raceme. July. Published in Europäische Liliengesellschaft Lilien-Info No.2 (2009) Named after the Latvian breeder Janis Vasarietis.Bezug:Salzborn: 2010,2011,2012,2014,2015; Wistuba: 2014;
Joachim P. (98-10-3)
Abstammung:Berlin Cinderella x MixBeschreibung:Ib, 120 cmZüchter:Dr. Jörg M. GiffeiBezug:Salzborn: 2010,2011,2012;
Abstammung:((Bold Knight x (Tetra Tabasco x Tetra Enchantment)) x (Hornbacks Gold x Tetra Mountaineer'))Beschreibung:Inside dark crimson red, tips more orange, outside paler with ribs brown ochre and brown, hairy; numerous, small, black spots over four fifths of each petal; nectaries shiny bordered; pollen chocolate; stigma black-brown. Fls 115mm wide; petals 80 x 42mm, moderately recurved, slightly wavy-edged, thick. Pedicels 75mm long, thick, dark brown, hairy, with secondary buds. Lvs alternate, 75 x 30mm, dark green, dull. Stems 0.9m, thick, hairy at base of leaves, black- brown, glossy, with a short inflorescence. Early July. Tetraploid.Bezug:Salzborn: 2000,2003,2011;
Juwel von Berlin
Abstammung:Yellow-white asiatic seedling x mixed pollen of Brushstroke and a brushmarked seedlingBeschreibung:Light yellow (11B) throughout, with strong, deep purplish red (59B) spots over c.1/2 of each petal and some similarly-coloured lines in a loose brushmark in the centre of each petal; nectaries with moderate yellow-green (138C) hairs; pollen dark red (187B). Fls 150mm wide; petals 80 x 25mm, not ruffled, tips slightly recurved. Lvs alternate, 80 x 13mm, mid green. Stems 0.8m, rather dark green, with c.20 fls. Early July.Bezug:Salzborn: 1996,1998,1999,2002,2003,2005,2006;