Peter Geiser († 2018)

Basel (Peter´s Pet)
Beschreibung:lachsorange, Höhe 85cm, Blüte Anfang JuliZüchter:Peter GeiserBezug:Salzborn: 2007,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2016; Wistuba: 2020; ELG: 2018,2019; Kühne
Bel Air (Geiser)
Abstammung:Parentage?Beschreibung:An unregistered cultivar, used as a progenitor of ‘Zitronenfalter’; further details are being sought. Care must be taken not to confuse this with Hoffgaarde’s registered Asiatic, whose epithet Geiser has unfortunately re-used. It is recommended that, whenever this epithet is cited, its breeder’s name be added in parentheses, so as to minimize potential confusion between these two cultivars (ICNCP, 2009: Art. 30.5).Züchter:Peter Geiser
Abstammung:UnknownBeschreibung:Yellow; tips yellow, throat green, outside yellow with green midribs. Petals 125mm long, not ruffled, not recurved. Lvs alternate, 180 x 15mm, dark green. Stems 1.5m, dark green, with c18 fls. Mid July.
Abstammung:UnknownBeschreibung:Fls creamy yellow. (Unacceptable name (Art. 17.12).
Abstammung:Yellow trumpet seedling (Div.VI) x Rubinstern (I (a))Beschreibung:Fls brilliant yellow (13B) inside, 13B and moderate red (180B) outside; heavily spotted moderate reddish brown (174A) over 3/4 of each petal; nectaries vivid reddish orange (34B); pollen dark reddish orange (175C). Fls 130mm wide; petals 80-90 x 15-19mm, not ruffled, slightly recurved; filaments whitish at first, becoming red. Lvs alternate, 100-120 x 12-15mm, dark green. Stems 0.8-0.9m, dark greyish reddish brown (200A), with stem bulbils and 5-9, unscented fls. July-August. (A sterile or sometimes partly fertile diploid).Bezug:Salzborn: 1994;
Abstammung:UnknownBeschreibung:Creamy white, with yellow tips and vivid yellow (12A) throat, outside white with pink ribs (outside of outer petals soft rose); nectaries green; pollen vivid orange-yellow (23A). Petals 110 x 50mm, not ruffled, not recurved. Lvs alternate, 120 x12mm, dark green. Stems 1.3m, dark green, with c17 fls. Mid July.
Abstammung:UnknownBeschreibung:Carmine red. Fls 150mm wide, the petals reflexed at tip. Stems 0.8m. Late July.
Peter the Great
Abstammung:Gold-flowered Aurelian x Star GazerBeschreibung:Inside deep smoky red, shading to golden yellow at margins; some darker flecking on basal half of petals; colour intensifies in cool weather, the red wash extending almost to edges; sweetly scented. Petals not or very slightly recurved at tips, not or very slightly ruffled. Anthers reddish; style greenish. Stems 1.0-1.5m. Late July-early August. An Orientpet lily.
Abstammung:UnknownBeschreibung:Inside dark yellow, with small brown papillae and light green nectaries. Fls 160mm wide, scented. Stems 1.6m. Late July. (First published in German Lily Group sales list, 1983. Unacceptable name: ICNCP Art. 17.9.)
Sirius Transit
Abstammung:Silberquell x (Connecticut Queen x Schneewittchen)Beschreibung:Pale greenish yellow (1D) at first soon fading to greenish white (157D) with 1D throat, tips 157D, outside pale greenish yellow (1D) with green midribs and pencilling; bud tips green; almost unspotted (occasional 5-7 tiny spots in extreme centre); nectaries strong yellow-green (144B); pollen strong orange-yellow (17A). Fls 160mm wide; petals 80 x 40mm, not ruffled, not recurved. Lvs alternate, 80 x 15mm, mid green. Stems 0.8m, mid green with brown overlay and c8 fls. July.